Site Safety Manager / Coordinator Certification Training Course
Site Safety Manager Training Course

Our main priority is its employees a safe working environment. We have launched a large-scale improvement of health and safety in the workplace. The goal of the program is the frequency of workplace accidents.

In order to achieve that objective, each of employees should participate in this important site safety training course.

  • All personnel managers are involved and participate.
  • There is a health and safety manager for the Group and appointed an online exchange platform for local security coordinators is now operational.
  • The frequency of workplace accidents is one of the ten most important indicators in the monthly survey of industrial performance in any factory.
  • Standards have been introduced to especially high risks to avoid, for example in the field of electrical testing, trucks or use of rotating machines.
  • There is now a warning procedure for serious accidents, making information quickly to all sites can be disseminated.
  • A team of experts, the safety team, which consists of five experienced managers from different geographical regions, is responsible for encouraging and supporting safety initiatives at Group level.

Site Safety Manager

Site Safety Manager Training and Construction Safety Courses