The risks to which it is exposed a Head of Work are:

  • People falling from a height greater than two meters, which can be produced from scaffolding, work platforms, from the edge of a floor, and going up and down ladders.
  • Fall of people at the same level by tripping over tools and materials, cables in passageways, going up and down stairs, to set foot inside a horizontal gap created by the passage of facilities.
  • Subsidence of soil in trenches and pits.
  • Detachments crane loads.
  • Stepping objects.
  • Blows against stationary objects.
  • Strikes against moving objects.
  • Getting caught by objects.
  • Getting caught by the overturning of machines.
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures.
  • Exposure to electrical contacts.
  • Explosions accumulation of explosive material in unconditioned areas.
  • Risk of fire from the accumulation of flammable material in unconditioned areas.
  • Abuses and beaten with vehicles.
  • Noise caused by machines.


  • As head of the decisions and full control of the site work, you must coordinate the implementation of the general principles of safety and health, from the perspective of technical decisions and organization of work (workers, contractors, self-employed) either successively or simultaneously.
  • Take the necessary steps to ensure that all staff comply with the security measures included in the Health and Safety Plan of the work action.
  • Inform and instruct workers on any measures to be taken regarding safety and health.
  • Observe and enforce the order and cleanliness.
  • Check the proper use of hazardous materials and the proper use of aids.
  • Ensure that the facilities and devices necessary for the execution of the work have been previously reviewed in order to avoid defects that can affect the safety and health of workers.
  • Check the definition and design of the storage areas of different materials, giving them special attention when it comes to hazardous materials.
  • Check that hazardous materials employees be collected.
  • Take into account the interactions and incompatibilities with any other work or activity that is carried out on site or close to it.


The site manager must be suitably equipped for their task, with appropriate work clothes, helmet, ear protectors, safety shoes and use of harness, as needed.