At ABLE Safety Consulting, we know that to achieve higher levels of productivity are needed qualified personnel. We are aware that for a wheelbarrow provide optimal productivity and operator play its role effectively, it is necessary to train those who drive and repair these trucks. ABLE Safety Consulting’s leadership in the design and development of forklifts is also channeled into training programs for operators and maintenance technicians to meet your specific needs.

Forklift Safety Manager Training and Construction Safety Courses

Forklift Operator Safety Training

We offer various training programs for workers, to help you comply with legal requirements and optimize the performance of your trucks and your equipment. Here are some training options ABLE Safety Consulting:

  • Getting driver: target licensed drivers and instruct them about new products.
  • Beginners Operators: give full training for all kinds of trucks, from entry level to obtain the license.
  • Retesting: are refresher courses, with repeated examinations for drivers who are already licensed.
  • Training of trainers: is intended to allow internal training operators. In large companies can be particularly profitable.

Forklift Safety Training of technical assistance

ABLE Safety Consulting also offers its customers training programs for technical assistance. Several generic programs for the full range of ABLE Safety Consulting, which are available from ABLE Safety Consulting Valencia. Similarly, we have specific training programs for reach trucks, turret trucks, and wire guidance systems as well as customized training programs tailored to the specific needs of customers.

The objective of the training programs is to help ABLE Safety Consulting instruct their employees with the aim of reducing costs and at the same time, increase staff efficiency through improved safety and performance.